Why the USPTO does not accept patent applications for Recursive compression algorithms :P

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I am in the middle of a research start That is kind of exploring a recursive compression algorithm – not sure as to how its going to work out  but it seems really interesting at its present stages .

what im kinda of doing is sort of taking a matrix finding keys that map it to elements in a predefined discionary that i can look up and recopute from.

my initial results map the nxn matrix down to a dictionary of all matricies that have occured so far , and 2Xn sized keys and a dict index identifier

this looks like i can bring down the size of 4×4 bit set down to 2*4 + 4 bits i.e. 12 bits ignoring the size of the initial dictioanry i.e. something around 75-80% compression on one pass.

This if done over multiple passes can recursively bring down the size of the overall file signficantly.

This is llossless –  the computation is small for a 4×4 quantity but gets cmiputationally bery expensive for a large 8×8  bit set which would be an ideal number given todays cpu arhitectures .  I am thinking about implementing this on an fpga and makeing an accelerator core that can help me

EDIT 1 :: MAthematically working the same out it looks like i need a dictionary of 2n+1 bits rendering the this more an encryption with hashable map of keys that rather expands the size of a file as each block can map to 2 elms of the dictionary – which im trying to figure as to how i can optimise .

EDIT 2 :: After a good investment of time :: the approach could be a option for a huffman like encoding scheme. A little too many projects at hand , may revisit this later if I get any leads .


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